LEC customized optics for guardrail-mounted LED fixtures that light the Saint-Gervais Bridge

Feb. 8, 2013
Custom made SSL products from LEC were selected for the Saint-Gervais Bridge in France that features no overhead lighting and is entirely lit by LEDs in the guardrails.

LED lighting by LEC illuminates the Saint-Gervais Bridge in France, all without a single overhead light being used. The company developed custom optics for the solid-state lighting (SSL) fixtures that were installed in the guardrails, lighting the 11.9m (13-yd)-wide roadway and walkway with the series of fixtures just 1.4 meters (1.5 yds) above the roadway level.

“Normally, this type of bridge involves very heavy concrete structures,” said Jean-Marc Peillex, Mayor and General Councillor of the Canton of Saint-Gervais. “What we wanted was something delicate and discreet that would integrate harmoniously into its environment.”

The lighting situation required lights that were low temperature, to meet guardrail temperature regulations, avoided light pollution, and were discreet during the day. LEC specifically designed new spotlight lenses to fit the bridge’s guardrails while still meeting the regulatory lighting requirements for the bridge.

The lighting requirements included 15-lx minimum levels across the roadway surface with a uniformity of 0.88. The adjacent pedestrian and bicycle path required 11-lx levels.

"Technically, LED is the only technology that could best meet the specifications we were given," said Ronan Bovet, head of public lighting at Infraroute Engineering, the general contractor that was tasked with finding the lighting solution for the bridge. "Specifically, ME4b-class lighting, with optics 1.4 meters off the ground, seamlessly integrates with the stainless steel and the restricted space available."

The lights used were selected for their ability to meet all of the requirements the project set forth, while also reducing maintenance costs by being resistant to vandalism and having long lifespans. The choice in lighting satisfied Peillex, who said “It is an excellent concept that integrates perfectly into the bridge! The visual result is magnificent and meets our expectations.”