Soraa to manage an LED retrofit lamp plugfest at Strategies in Light (Updated)

Feb. 6, 2013
Strategies Unlimited and Soraa have announced an SSL plugfest to test dimmer and transformer compatibility with 12- or 120-VAC MR16 LED lamps that will take place on the show floor at the Strategies in Light conference.

The exhibits at Strategies in Light will open February 13 and 14, and during that time Soraa will manage a Lighting Plugfest in booths 746/48 that will be focused on demonstrating compatibility of dimmers and transformers with any manufacturers' 12-VAC or 120-VAC (E26 only) MR16 LED retrofit lamps. The intent of the plugfest is breaking down barriers to the adoption of solid-state lighting (SSL) through compatibility demonstrations.

As the lighting industry has begun the SSL transition, compatibility of SSL lamps and luminaires has often been an issue, especially in terms of compatibility with legacy control gear such as dimmers. Soraa has adopted the plugfest concept from the IT segment, where such events are broadly used to test compatibility of emerging products and standards.

"Today, when we use a smartphone and a PC, we don’t think about how they communicate with each other. It should be the same for SSL lighting," said Ella Shum, chair of Strategies in Light Conferences at Strategies Unlimited. "Lighting PlugFest is a unique opportunity to bring the SSL revolution to be on par with the IT world."

Soraa will utilize a custom built test panel that combines an array of available control products including transformers and dimmers that are traditionally used with halogen MR16 lamps. The panel will also include Soraa's LED-based MR16 retrofit lamps that operate from a 12 VAC supply.

Soraa is offering to test control gear and fixtures with its lamps, as well as MR16 lamps from other manufacturers, for free on a first-come, first-served basis. To participate you can visit the Lighting Plugfest website or send an email to [email protected].

"Manufacturers benefit because Lighting PlugFest addresses compatibility—an obstacle to widespread LED lamp adoption; designers benefit because they can specify with confidence; and end users benefit because they will know that a particular product combination works," said Eric Kim, CEO of Soraa. "This event is all about ensuring a positive LED lighting user experience."

Strategies in Light is scheduled February 12-14 at the Santa Clara, CA Convention Center. Attending the exhibit floor, where the plugfest will be held, is free.