Dominant plans to double LED capacity by October 2005

Aug. 1, 2005
Malaysian LED manufacturer Dominant Semiconductors plans to double its output of PLCC products to 100 million units per month.
Due to rising demand from the automotive and mobile communication industries, Dominant Semiconductors, an LED manufacturer based in Melaka, Malaysia, has announced plans to significantly expand its capacity by October 2005.

A spokesperson for Dominant told LEDs Magazine that the key area of expansion will be in the company's PLCC product. "We will expand our capacity from 50 million to 100 million pieces per month," said the spokesperson. "In terms of PLCC volume, we will be one of the top 5 manufacturers in the world."

Dominant also says that, faced with growing demand, it plans to "increase our capacity consistently to set higher standards in quality and reliability in today’s market and to continually exceed our customers’ increasing expectations."

In the automotive sector, Dominant LEDs are used in exterior and interior lighting applications. The PLCC-2 DomiLED was developed for automotive interior lighting applications such as instrument panel and control backlighting, central console backlighting, navigation and audio systems.

Another product line designated SpiceLED was also developed for interior lighting. These powerful, miniature devices are easier to integrate into the interior due to packaging flexibility and durability. Also, the wider viewing angle of 160 exceeds the industry standard of 120, offering a greater versatility and application range.

In addition, Dominant produces SMT LEDs with high luminous output, which are suitable for exterior automotive applications. The company says that it has demonstrated design capabilities that are compatible with European automotive standards and quality.

Meanwhile, says Dominant, the market for mobile communications has taken on the characteristics of a consumer, rather than a business, market. The growing popularity of mobile phones with in-built digital cameras and the demand for higher quality by the consumer means that manufacturers must constantly improve their product line.

The majority of mobile camera phones on the market today use flash LEDs. Dominant flash LEDs are miniature in size, reliable, and easily incorporated into the phone. As the demand for higher quality surges in the mobile camera phone industry, Dominant says that it will take steps to improve its products, resulting in high-end, quality flash LEDs capable of producing sharp, clear and color photographs.