Church seeks LED lighting to highlight steeple

Aug. 30, 2005
The University of Maryland wants to evaluate LED fixtures as a possible lighting solution for a church steeple.
The University of Maryland, Baltimore recently took ownership of a church in Annapolis, MD, and is looking to replace the lighting on the steeple.

According to Michael Krone, Associate Project Manager, the primary goals are to find lighting that will provide the longest life expectancy while still providing an adequate amount of footcandles.

Krone is seeking guidance on whether LED-based fixtures would be useful for this special application, and welcomes input from designers and suppliers.

The following is quick description of what Krone is hoping to accomplish with the lighting:

On the four sides with lucarnes (the small windows in the steeple), the only goal is to highlight the lucarnes.

On the four sides without lucarnes, the goal is to highlight the cross at the top of the steeple.

Most of the light should focus on the lucarnes and the cross. At this point there is no interest in highlighting or accenting the steeple shingles/roof however, if prices are reasonable, this will be considered.

The main focus is on white lighting although colored LED accent lighting will be considered, again if prices are reasonable.

Local ambient lighting about the church may be around 1 to 2 footcandles but this has not been confirmed.

Other requirements are low maintenance and long life expectancy - the longer the better given how hard it will be to access to the fixtures.

The point of source for the lighting should be located at the bottom of the steeple as shown in the attached photos where the existing fixtures are located.

For further information or to make suggestions, please contact Michael Krone at:
Nextel: 410.977.3679
Desk: 410.706.2686
Fax: 410.706.8547
Email: [email protected]