MAGAZINE: Interior LED lighting signifies driver luxury and comfort

Feb. 28, 2006
LEDs are one of several technologies that are starting to be using for interior ambient lighting in vehicles, ranging from top-end luxury cars to long-haul aircraft.
LEDs are already widely used in automotive interiors and have largely displaced incandescent bulbs for rear illumination of instrument panels and dashboards, as well as for switch indicator lights. At the Intelligent Interior Lighting conference in Munich, Germany on January 30-31, 2006, the discussion turned to ambient lighting, which is just emerging as an added-value feature in high-end vehicles.

There are many potential lighting applications within a car, such as map/reading lights, orientation lights, glove box lights, luggage compartment lights, map pocket lights and door sill illumination. These examples are mainly based on the functional and/or orientation requirements of the driver and passengers, while the trend in future will be to introduce ambient lighting. An example is footwell lighting, creating a feeling of comfort and space within the vehicle.


This article was published in the February 2006 issue of LEDs Magazine.

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