LED downlights from Prescolite make the grade

Dec. 18, 2006
Hubbell Lighting's Prescolite division has unveiled a specification-grade LED downlight designed with future LED improvements in mind.
Prescolite, a divison of Hubbell Lighting Inc, one of the largest lighting manufacturers in North America, recently added to its LED product range with an LED recessed lighting fixture. The company, based in Spartanburg, NC, described this as the first specification-grade LED downlight that performs like a CFL downlight.

Ron Newbold, senior product manager with Prescolite, told LEDs Magazine that his company has tracked the improvements in LED technology.

"LEDs have reached lumen-per-watt levels that raised our eyebrows," he said, describing the product as the first very high quality LED downlight that has taken a balanced approach between optics, aesthetics and thermal management.


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