Recessed LED accent lighting offers powerful potential for interior spaces (MAGAZINE)

June 14, 2010
Advances in the design of LED accent lighting fixtures could open up a largely untapped market, explains AL NEAR, senior VP of sales and marketing with USAI.

For most of us, our daily lives are centered between two worlds: work and home. In fact, the average American spends 90 percent of his/her time inside. We can debate work/life balance and the health effects of fresh air, but the bottom line is this: there is an increasing need to make our interior spaces as comfortable, productive and efficient as possible. And lighting is one of the most powerful solutions for doing just that.

Advances in lighting are as plentiful as they are promising, and LED innovation is arguably the most rapidly evolving segment. In its relatively young history in the general lighting marketplace, LED technology has mainly been positioned as an energy-saving, mercury-free alternative to compact or linear fluorescent for interior lighting applications. As such, most recessed products introduced into the marketplace have focused on general illumination, task lighting and, more recently, wall-wash applications. It is recessed LED accent lighting, however, that presents the greatest untapped potential.


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