Frankfurt showcases LEDs in car

Dec. 5, 2007
Car makers continue to investigate new ways to use LEDs for vehicle lighting.
The IAA motor show in Frankfurt demonstrated numerous lighting concepts using LEDs, with many manufacturers showcasing their concept vehicles incorporating LED forward lighting. As this new lighting technology finally hits the road (see p18-19), car makers ranging from Suzuki to Seat to Korea's Ssongyang are using the styling possibilities afforded by LED headlamps in different ways.

LEDs are already used in production vehicles for signaling functions; Audi has pioneered the use of white LEDs for daytime running lights, and other manufacturers are now joining in, particularly for high-end models. We saw numerous examples of interior lighting using LEDs, including a white LED light in the boot of the Audi R8.

Red LEDs for rear lighting are now widespread, but still not an automatic choice, even for vehicles with LED forward lighting. Cost remains an issue, but factors such as safety, environmental friendliness and styling flexibility weigh heavily in favor of LEDs.


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