Yaham Lighting redesigns classic LED shoebox light with improved thermal performance

April 1, 2015

In recent years, as LEDs have greatly developed and become more competitive in energy efficiency, economy, lifetime and other aspects, LED lighting is rapidly replacing traditional light sources. To replace conventional parking lot lighting, Yaham Lighting elaborately redesigned the classic shoebox LED light, which has achieved breakthroughs not only in structure but in function as well.

To achieve better performance with regard to thermal management and protection, the heat sink has been completely redesigned. The LED shoebox light now uses an integrated heat sink instead of the conventional modular design. The main radiator fins provide the most direct heat dissipation channel to flow heat away from the light source as efficiently as possible and guarantee a long lifetime.

For wide-area lighting applications, the light distribution methods have been carefully designed to ensure a wider illumination zone and better illuminance uniformity. After investigation and simulation, the LED shoebox light has been engineered with 110°/150° beam angles to achieve the best area lighting performance; parking lot lighting is a typical application of LED shoebox lights.

An independent electrical cavity separates the power supply away from the outer space, providing dual protection for the power supply and electrical wiring. The power supply is installed on the back shroud. A gap is formed between the power supply and heat sink to ensure the performance of LED driver.

The PCB module is integrated with an LED open protector, which provides a switching electronic shunt path when an LED chip in a string fails as an open circuit. This ensures that the remaining LEDs of the string will continue to function even if a single LED does not, which greatly improves the fixture reliability.

Our LED shoebox light incorporates the latest LED technology to create an excellent product. We have a strict quality control system during the development and production stage. The main components such as the driver and LED chips all are received from the world's top suppliers.

We used 26 units of 150W LED shoebox lights to create a lighting system for a 10,000m2 parking lot. Our case study showed that the horizontal illumination and uniformity of the system could meet the design standards.

The LED shoebox light also supports intelligent expansion to offer a more economical lighting system. Using a zone control system, the main road area maintains a specific light level, while other parking areas are integrated with motion sensors and dimming systems to reduce energy usage in unoccupied areas. The light fixture with motion sensor will work at a lower lighting level that the operators set, and the low light level is maintained until the motion sensor is activated when a car drives into the control zone. As a standard system, a simple system can bring 30% energy savings compared to a traditional lighting installation.

About Yaham Lighting
Yaham draws upon a history of more than 20 years of LED manufacturing, establishing its position as providing the best professional lighting solutions, designing and producing the most reliable LED industrial lighting, including high bays, floodlights, billboard lights, etc. Yaham has a factory in Shenzhen that is 25,000m2 and employs around 500 people. The LED lighting products have already been qualified with the standards of CE, ETL, DLC, CCC, CQC, RoHS, C-tick, and PSE. Yaham has also been certified by Bureau Veritas, BSI ISO9001 Quality Management System and ISO14001 Environmental Management System.


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