Green Inova's UL/cUL Listed G23/GX23 PL LED lamps have Lighting Facts available

Oct. 1, 2015

Green Inova - The market leading manufacturer of commercial and customized lighting. Trusted by 1,500 North American companies, enjoys a high reputation in North America.

Green Inova has announced new G23/GX23 PL LED lamps that improve upon both lumen efficiency and lifespan.

G23/GX23 PL LED lamps are designed for replacing CFL PL lamps, which have widespread use in modern commercial and residential properties, with a high efficacy up to 110 lm/w, like the 6W Green Inova G23/GX23 LED bulb, which is capable of replacing 13W CFL.

Top quality drivers are used: PFC 0.91, harmonic wave <9%, ripple wave <9%. Constructed with 270 degree rotatable lamp holder, it can adjust light direction to where you want the beam pointed.

LEDs operate with a much longer life than CFLs, lasting up 50,000 hours and virtually eliminating maintenance costs. GI’s G23/GX23 PL LED lamps are also UL certified and Lighting Facts are available. Significantly reduce your costs with our superior quality and very good pricing.

Please contact Green Inova for more information.

GI warehouse
Green Inova opened a warehouse located in Los Angeles, where the inventory covers LED retrofit kits, wall packs, indoor and outdoor high bays, canopy lights, and more. Kindly check the inventory list on its official website below. Stock status is updated daily; please check back before ordering.

Inventory list for LA warehouse:


Green Inova Technology (Shenzhen) Limited


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