Tri-State LED completes LED retrofit for Medford Fire Department

Jan. 13, 2017
GREENWICH, CT - Tri-State LED, a division of Revolution Lighting Technologies, announced it has completed an LED lighting retrofit for the Medford Fire Department, located in Medford, NY. The retrofit occurred throughout all three buildings of the department, including a mechanic shop, district meeting room, and the main garages, and involved the complete replacement of existing fluorescent lighting that will reduce the department's lighting energy use by over 65%, and achieve a return on investment of only two years.

Tri-State LED's comprehensive "turn-key" services began with the detailed testing and evaluation of LED solutions, including Revolution Lighting's LED tubes. After the initial phases of project development, Tri-State LED worked closely with Medford Fire Department to ensure the installation of the LED technologies would not interfere at all with the day-to-day responsibilities of an active department, while also managing all phases of scope and budget development, final material selection, and project management.

The retrofit replaces the fire department's antiquated lighting technologies with LED solutions, delivering superior efficiency, longevity, and light output. This includes Revolution Lighting's LED tubes that last three times longer than conventional lighting, have a rated lamp life of more than 70,000 hours, and come with a market-leading 10-year warranty to ensure the longevity of both maintenance and energy savings for the Medford Fire Department.

"Tri-State LED was a tremendous partner, helping our department exceed critical energy efficiency goals, seamlessly managing all aspects of the project that allowed our department to continue operating without interruption," said Charlie Jagde, Chairman of the Board of Fire Commissioners, Medford Fire Department. "The adoption of LED lighting throughout our facilities will not only drive operational and maintenance savings with a quick return on investment, but provide greater light output for safety and well-being for our towns first responders."

"We are extremely proud to work with the Medford Fire Department to bring the industry's best LED lighting technologies to the department and its incredible group of first responders," said Mark Varvaro, Regional Manager, Tri-State LED. "Selection by the MFD demonstrates the confidence in our company to help them successfully achieve their energy efficiency and cost savings goals, while delivering exceptional service at all points of a project."

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