now offers dimmable flat panel LED troffers

Oct. 25, 2016
At wholesale pricing including shipping cost.

Flat Panel LED Troffer

Shreveport, LA - In our continual efforts to become your one stop shop for all things LED lighting related, Knema is now carrying flat panel LED troffers.

Early on Knema noticed a bottleneck created by the dance done when a contractor is trying to price LED lighting specified by an architect or owner of a project through the traditional routes, i.e., a buyer or electrical distributor.

Typically the contractor will visit the specified manufacturer's website just to be redirected to a network of hit or miss wholesalers/distributors to contact for pricing. Once the contractor has worked their way through this list and found a wholesaler/distributor that is aware of the specified product they will still have to wait a day or so to get pricing. This is because nine out ten times the wholesaler/distributor still has to go back to the manufacturer to get correct pricing.

Having to go back to the manufacturer to get pricing for products that are custom made or made to order is understandable, but for items like LED bulbs or LED troffers that are not made to order or custom, this is unacceptable. This waste time and could be the difference between landing a project or losing a project.

To help alleviate this issue, Knema provides low online retail pricing directly on the website for all the products we carry. Next, we look past the brand names that most specifiers get hung up on and instead we concentrate on the individual product's performance. With our overall goal being to balance performance, quality and price.

By following this line of thinking, we were able to find a high-quality manufacturer of LED flat panel troffers that meet all the demands of our customers:

1. 5-year manufacturer warranty (A warranty that instills confidence in the product.)
2. UL, CUL, CE, SAA, DLC, LM-79, RoHS & FCC certified (3rd part independent testing of the product.)
3. 100+ lumens per watt, CRI >80, and dimmable (Efficiency, accuracy and flexibility demanded by our customers.)
4. Affordable Pricing (Starting at just $119.00, an already low retail price, that includes ground shipping cost and that only gets lower with quantity orders.)

About Knema, LLC, dba LuminousFilm, owned and operated by Glen Bundrick located in Shreveport, Louisiana has provided LED light panels, LED modules and other solid-state lighting products to commercial, theatrical and residential contractors worldwide since 2001.


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