Energybank ThinLine LED troffer alternative delivers quality light for medical practice

Sept. 2, 2016
energybank’s transformative high-performance LED lighting solutions help customers improve their operations by delivering maximum quality light output for the least amount of energy input. ThinLine LED is aesthetically pleasing and lends a nice, clean design element to the facility while saving customers a significant amount of energy.

Dr. Kenneth Katz, the Founder and President of Forefront Dermatology, spoke candidly about his appreciation for the energybank ThinLine troffer alternative. “It’s a high quality product,” stated Dr. Katz. “Since upgrading to the ThinLine, it is helping my employees to be happier with their jobs, it makes their jobs easier and makes them more productive, which is the standard formula for success.”

“Now that we work under energybank LED lights, it’s less strain on our eyes and it’s easier to work in the environment for eight hours or more,” remarked Katelyn from the Billing Department.

Forefront Dermatology is a national company that grew from just one doctor to a practice with 120 clinics across eleven states. Dr. Katz is a dermatologist and Mohs surgeon by training, therefore, quality lighting is very important. “To me, the light from ThinLine LED is almost more natural feeling than the sun,” stated Dr. Katz. “As a dermatologist, I can see the patient better, diagnose them better and treat them better.”

When Forefront Dermatology built out their space on York Street, in Manitowoc, Wisconsin, they selected the energybank ThinLine because of the quality of the light. “Our plan for expansion of support services buildings and all new clinics that we build across the country is to use energybank LED fixtures,” stated Dr. Katz. “Because they are just better.”

At energybank, our mission is LED Done Right®. The ThinLine LED is innovatively engineered based on energybank’s core competencies of thermal dynamics, optics and application engineering. Its unique design can be accessorized with optional controls. energybank developed a control option specifically for exam rooms that re-uses existing branch dual switching for multiple levels of light output control.

energybank is a U.S. based manufacturer specializing in high-performance LED lighting, controls and Internet of Things communications platforms.

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