Retrolux releases Version 2.0 of integrated software tool and sales solutions for commercial lighting retrofits

Boise, ID | Retrolux has launched Version 2.0 (V2) of its integrated software solution for the commercial lighting retrofit industry. Retrolux helps electrical contractors, ESCOs, and VARs grow their business by saving time and money, and closing deals at a faster rate.

V2 provides the following new features and functionalities:

• A new and updated look, with easier navigational capabilities
• Automatic rebate and incentive estimates
• Financing options
• Analytics on company and industry trends
• Invoicing and billing
• The Invite Function -- Connectivity to manufacturers, your internal team, external project members, and businesses -- (permissions protect information and are set at the time the invite is created)
• Direct access to manufacturer information and pricing, as well as the ability to purchase directly from them, through the Retrolux platform.
• Controls -- (Commissioning preparation)

V2 will remain free to use, providing an unlimited number of users -- insuring that lighting retrofitters are prepared for the challenges in the 21st Century. According to Leif Elgethun, President of Retrolux, “This V2 release of the software will provide the commercial lighting retrofit industry with the most comprehensive solution. Retrolux is also a new lighting sales channel, directly connecting buyers with the manufacturers they already buy from.”

To learn more about how Retrolux can save your business time and money, please check out the Retrolux website . If you'd like a free Retrolux account for your business, please contact Devon Anderson, Senior Sales Director, at

About Retrolux
Retrolux is a lighting sales software solution that helps commercial lighting retrofitters win more deals, lower costs, find & keep more clients, and stop wasting time filling out paperwork. Retrolux fully integrates audit, proposal, product selection, purchasing, utility rebates, analytics, and financing functions, into a comprehensive B2B e-commerce platform.


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