GlacialTech launches enhanced Igloo SS120 PLUS exterior floodlight for LEDs up to 200W

Sept. 9, 2016
Taipei Taiwan - GlacialTech, the global innovator in LED lighting technology, is pleased to announce a new heatsink-cooled lighting unit for flood lighting and rated for CoB or MCPCB LEDs of up to 200W. The new Igloo SS120 PLUS flood light is an enhanced version of the Igloo SS120, with the height increased to 115 mm to provide lower thermal resistance and higher reference design power.

The PLUS flood light includes product variants with a sturdy dual-attachment mounting bracket that provides flexible multi-angle adjustability, and it also keeps your LEDs cool with thermally efficient heatsinks that boast a low thermal resistance of just 0.3124 °C/W.

Versatile LED exterior lighting
This lighting product is available in single, double and triple LED unit configurations. The triple unit configuration is notable for providing highly flexible, user-adjustable projection angles to suit any demand and even allow adaption to changing lighting requirements over time. Thanks to its great versatility and numerous options, the PLUS flood light can provide high output lighting for applications such as stadiums, transport terminals, outdoor storage zones, industrial facilities and parking lots, as well as many other exterior and interior lighting tasks.

Safe, secure, user-friendly floodlighting
Bright, directional lighting combined with user-adjustable angles allows the installer or end-user to design their own lighting environment to provide optimal safety, security and to ensure staff and customer comfort, with all the low-cost, power-saving benefits of LED technology. The PLUS thermal module is available standalone, or as a semi-knockdown (SKD) kit that includes heatsink module, adjustable stainless steel mounting bracket and screws, and optional LED lens or waterproof cover.

A wind, rain and dust resistant LED luminaire
The PLUS is IP65 rated for outdoor use, ensuring resistance to water and dust in challenging environments. In the triple light configuration, two attachment brackets help make the fixture invulnerable to strong winds, physical shocks or vibration, and other disturbances, ensuring the unit will remain safely attached no matter what the challenges of your installation environment. The attractive and durable, but unobtrusive, black anode surface treatment also helps ensures a long-lasting product that complements any environment. Various options are offered: A glass lens is available to accommodate CoB LEDs. There is a reflector option. In addition, a waterproof LED cover is available, which is suitable for outdoor applications.

Rated for 200W CoB or MCPCB LEDs
Low thermal resistance: 0.3124°C/W
IP65 rated, suitable for outdoor applications
Adjustable, multi-angle stainless steel mounting bracket including screws
Available in single, double or triple LED unit options
Two brackets for rugged triple LED unit deployment
Waterproof glass cover and reflector are available
CoB LED lens is available

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About GlacialTech
GlacialTech Inc. is a diversified provider of thermal, power, optics and systems solutions, with many years of experience in thermal module design and manufacturing for internationally renowned brands including Acer, AdvanTech, Fujitsu Siemens Computers GmbH, Panasonic and Siemens AG. GlacialTech's product solutions attain an optimal balance of performance and value.