LED Eco Lights' Bright Goods LED filament lamps recreate Bavarian castle ambience for Manchester entertainment venue

Sept. 27, 2016
Camberley -- LED Eco Lights announced that its Bright Goods LED filament lamps have been used to recreate the atmosphere of a traditional Bavarian schloss, or country house, within Manchester’s newest music and entertainments venue.

Albert’s Schloss, which is located in Peter Street beneath the city’s Albert Hall, is a popular daytime destination for business and social meetings. However, as dusk approaches, it transforms seamlessly into an energetic, live music beer hall where Bright Goods LED filament lamps complement the overall ambience and experience.

One of the UK’s foremost lighting design specialists, The Light Corporation (TLC), was commissioned to design a spectacular lighting system that not only achieved the performance of incandescent bulbs but also ensured flexibility, versatility and energy efficiency. At the heart of TLC’s innovative design is an imaginative installation of Bright Goods Josephine LED filament lamps augmented by an impressive array of George LED filament globe lamps.

Michael Wake of The Light Corporation said, “Although initially sceptical about using LED lamps to create the desired ambience, our client was blown away with what we were able to achieve and he’s delighted that we’ve helped to meet the overall goal - a customer experience that’s second to none. In fact, I now use Albert’s Schloss to demonstrate to other clients what we can achieve with LED filament lamps.”

He continued, “The lighting design brief we received for the Albert’s Schloss project was very wide which made the job challenging but also gave us the opportunity and freedom to demonstrate our creativity. That’s where the Bright Goods Josephine and George LED filament lamps were ideal first choices to bring our cutting edge design to life. Offering a perfect combination of elegance, style and energy efficiency, the Josephine and George enabled us to create the atmosphere of a traditional Bavarian schloss in the pulsing heart of Manchester.”

Where a filament bulb consistently in use over 10 hours a day would require replacing in less than a year, all lamps in the Bright Goods LED range are fully dimmable and provide a high-performance lifespan of 30,000 hours which is around ten times that of a conventional filament bulb.

Designed to provide a timeless vintage feel, the Bright Goods LED product range includes a wide selection of popular shapes, including globes, squirrel cages, candles, long tubes and traditional GLS bulbs to create the designer-induced decorative glow, previously only the territory of energy-hungry incandescents.

The Josephine and George, which are amongst the most popular and best-selling models from the Bright Goods range of LED filament lamps, feature a unique crown-shaped filament and lattice filament respectively to ensure a beautiful, warm and welcoming light. Installed within a striking network of industrial copper pipework, the Josephine and George LED lamps provide excellent illumination that is fully dimmable to capture the magic, the mood and the moment.

About LED Eco Lights
LED Eco Lights was founded in 2006 and is an award-winning LED lighting manufacturer. Its Goodlight™ LED lamps and luminaires provides a comprehensive range of LED solutions for commercial, industrial, amenity, leisure and hospitality environments. LED Eco Lights offers a team of technical experts, to guide customers through every stage of the upgrade process, including lighting design services, funding solutions and installation. LED Eco Lights also offers its Bright Goods range of vintage-style decorative LED filament bulbs.


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