Espen Technology releases 2x4 LED retrofit kit with DLC Premium listing

Sept. 27, 2016
Espen Technology has released its 43W Versa LED retrofit kit for 2’x4’ troffers, that boasts DLC Premium listing. DLC Premium is a higher-performance classification for LED luminaires and retrofit kits. Products submitted to the DLC Premium classification must meet higher efficacy and lumen maintenance requirements. In many parts of the US, DLC Premium listed products can qualify for larger utility rebates, further improving ROI for retrofit projects.
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The new 43W 2’x4’ troffer retrofit kit boasts full end-to-end light. Most competitor retrofit center baskets don’t extend full end-to-end. Each troffer kit contains Espen drivers and modules, ensuring high quality, service life, and end user ROI. The 43W Versa 2’x4’ troffer retrofit comes completely assembled as a lensed kit, requiring only one minute to install, reducing labor costs.

"The market is responding very positively to this new DLC Premium 2X4 retrofit kit. It looks as good as our lower output retrofit kit, provides end-to-end light, qualifies for higher rebates in some states, and is an extremely cost effective solution," said John Clancy, VP of Sales at Espen. Clancy added, “We are currently shipping samples and expect full inventory in the next 30 days.”

This 2’x4’ LED retrofit kit provides an ideal way to upgrade existing fluorescent recessed troffers, utilizing the existing fixture housing. The kit provides all of the components needed to perform the change out quickly and efficiently, without disturbing the ceiling. The LED troffer retrofit is completely assembled within the frame. The new 43W 2’x4’ kit delivers 4925 lumens, 115 lpw, universal voltage, 0-10V dimming, and is offered in 3500K, 4000K, and 5000K CCTs.

The DLC Premium 43W LED retrofit kit joins three other linear retrofit kits from Espen Technology, each of which have standard DLC listing:
• 36W LED 2’x4’
• 22W LED 2’x2’
• 8’ strip retrofit that converts to 4’ LED T5 or T8 lamps.

Detailed product information and specifications for each of these retrofit kits can be obtained by emailing [email protected] or visiting

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