Tictacled's LED bulbs and tubes offer three light intensities controlled by traditional on/off switches

Sept. 13, 2016
Tictacled products (LED bulbs and tubes ) have the unique feature to vary the brightness, acting on the traditional ON / OFF switch. In fact, simply by switching off and quickly rekindling the light, the bulb changes its brightness.

Thus, in any traditional electrical system, Tictacled bulbs and tubes mounted in replacement of existing ones, immediately perform the dimmer function.

The electrical system connections, switches , attacks , do not require any modification work.Tictacled it is the only light bulb that embeds a microprocessor with a dimming function, that is a brightness variation system.

Tictacled components are aligned to most high standards of the market to provide the maximum durability and performance for absolute value of quality after thousands of hours of use.

When the bulb is on, to change the intensity of light, turn the switch off quickly and back on again. To turn off, switch in the off position, as for normal bulbs.

The Tictacled bulb is equipped with memory: reignite the power and it will automatically return to the previous brightness level.

At home it allows you to have different intensity, depending on the moment of the day and particular needs. Higher when dining or in convivial company time, medium when relaxing, and low at night in preferred environments (eg. children's rooms).

In working environments, intense lighting in the hours of daytime work and light surveillance in those nocturnal. This constitutes a significant simplification of the electrical system from a multi-line command to a differentiated one line only.
- In shop windows with attenuation of the night lighting compared to daylight.
- In apartment buildings where common areas are supposed to be in permanent lighting, in emergency condition.
- In public premises, consisting of environments with differentiated lighting needs.
- In herds of animals, that require differentiated lighting at various times of day.
- In general, wherever it is felt the need to avoid the waste of electricity for the benefit of own wallet and the environment.


Stefano Donati, Sales Manager - Tictacled