Foxconn LED and partner Drawbridge open LED lighting technology showroom in the Czech Republic

Nov. 16, 2016
Jesenice - LED division of Foxconn together with its regional strategic partner Drawbridge, Ltd. Jesenice on Friday opened its first showroom in the Czech Republic. From here Foxconn will offer customers cutting-edge, high-performance LED lighting technology for indoor and outdoor use.

LED division of Foxconn has been recently gaining in importance and it has been several years building their reputation and product portfolio and gradually expanding from Asia to North America and now Europe. Product range includes street lighting, spotlights, pendant lights and niche products, such as explosion-proof lighting and all sports lighting. "Closing a strategic partnership with Drawbridge has been very important and thanks to our partner, we are now able to provide regional supply of street lighting, highways, tunnels, pumping stations, storage areas or even provide the illumination of historical buildings, monuments, exhibition areas and offices, "says Will McMurtrie, European regional manager of LED division of Foxconn.

Drawbridge, who signed a strategic agreement with Foxconn on August 22 this year, officially launched this cooperation on Friday 11/11 in the presence of distinguished guests and clients, and proudly opened its showroom. "It's great to see steps forward in terms of our new partnership," says Vladimir Briza, CEO of Drawbridge. "Now we have to reach out to new customers in the infrastructure, construction and various spheres of industry and expand the LED lighting brand Foxconn particular the Czech and Slovak markets," says Briza.

The showroom is located in Jesenice near Prague.

About Foxconn
The company operates on the Czech market for 16 years as a regional base Foxconn, Europe, Middle East and Africa. Its customers include renowned brands of IT and telecommunications. One of the biggest exporters in the Czech Republic. In 2014 it became the second largest exporter with a total volume of exported goods worth almost 120 billion crowns. In 2015, in 2016 the company has been evaluated as the best employer in the region and ranked in the top three best employers in the country. More information about the company on

About Drawbridge
Drawbridge Company Ltd. was established as a wholly private Czech company in May 2005. Since its inception, the company operated mainly in the Scandinavian market leader in the industry, as a supplier of specialized manpower and services for chemical plants, paper mills, nuclear power, etc., providing primarily scaffolding work, roof insulation, construction work and relalizace construction projects. Drawbridge has become a major supplier of products, building equipment and scaffold components for the largest construction companies in Sweden. Drawbridge Ltd. Self Certification ISO 9001 and in 2014 was awarded an international prize for outstanding quality and service levels. Above and beyond this award, thanks to the diligent and conscientious management, the company has achieved in the same year of outstanding financial evaluation of AAA from an international company Bisnode D & B. Since 2015 the company has been focused back to it's home market in Czech and Slova regions, promoting solar and renewable energy products.


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