Shenzhen Metro Line 7 now operates with LED lighting from Spark Optoelectronic

On October 28, 2016, Shenzhen Metro Line 7,9 test operating, Shenzhen had entered an new era of rail transit network. At this point, Shenzhen rail transit volume has reached 8 lines,total operating mileage reached at 258kilometer,the trail transit network scale is No.3 in China, No.9 all over the world, daily passengers of citywide rail transit will exceed 4.5 milliion.

Line 7,9 trail operating ceremony was held in Hongling North station on 28th morning, the first train was started from this station. Shenzhen Municipal Party Committee Secretary Ma Xinrui,mayor of Shenzhen XuQing, Shenzhen Metro Chairman Lin Maode, Chairman of China Electric Power Construction Group Yan Zhiyong and etc were attended the ceremony, and joined together to pulled the Shenzhen Metro line 7 trial operation drawbars.

Shenzhen Metro line 7 is start from Xili Lake station in Nanshan district, terminal station is Taian station in Luohu district. 28 stations in entire line(Fulin station didn’t open yet), and 10 transfer station, line 7 run through Nanshan, Futian and Luohu, three district in total, and directly connect to Huanggang port.

Metro Line 9 is start from Hong Shuwan South station in Nanshan district, terminal station is Wenjing station in Luohu district. Total length is 25.39 kilometers, take about 45 minutes for entire line. Line 9 have 22 stations in total, have 6 transfer stations, it’s another important main line for running through Nanshan, Futian and Luohu district.

Metro Line 7 known as "the most fresh" in the Shenzhen history, the platform landscape design is very unique,once station one scene, one stop one effect,enriched the artistic of Shenzhen Metro space, shown aesthetic feeling of Shenzhen as a big modern city. Line 7 stations’ lighting design also very unique, in the variety shapes of LED lights, each of station is look like one by one "moveable art museum",which showing variety of features.

As the Undertaker of whole Line 7 LED lighting project,the president of Shenzhen Spark Optoelectronic S&T co.,Ltd Mr. Wufeng was attended the operation caramony. In response to the call of national energy-saving emission reduction, the entire line of lighting are green LED lighting, provide a more comfortable ride environment to passengers, known as a "Clear spring" in the metro tains.
Let browse the unique Spark lighting products of Shenzhen Metro line 7 below:

Shenzhen Spark Optoelectronic S&T Co.,Ltd was founded in March 2000, which is one of national high-tech enterprises ,base on science technology and focus on global market, specialized in R&D, manufacturing ,marketing, has the first solar semiconductor lighting laboratory in LED lighting industrial area. Our company practice the green low-carbon times trends, relying on the technology R&D capability of energy-saving, environmentally friendly products. We had undertook major national energy-saving environmental lighting projects for many times.


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