Linea Light Group and the new IFI Group headquarters, Athens

Nov. 9, 2016
A fruitful partnership emphasizes by an important private project: the studio of lighting design and architecture IFI Group - Architectural Lighting Works has identified in the Linea Light Group products the perfect solutions to illuminate its new headquarter in Chalandri, a greek town in the metropolitan area of Athens. With a long tradition dating back to 1989, created on the personal initiative of Freiderikos Anagnostakis, the IFI Group- Architectural Lighting Works studio plans small, medium and large lighting projects, according to a pool of professional figures, such as architects, lighting designers and engineers.

Thanks to the latest technologies and a commercial partnership with the most important international companies in the lighting industry, IFI Group is also committed to provide elegant lighting appliances combined with the best technical performance. The new building, completed in 2016, is a single, compact and hermetic volume; inside, the well-defined rooms are connected to each other, characterized by spaces containing flat surfaces, shelves and geometrical forms. From the Design Area to the Showroom, from the Prototyping Zone to the Meeting Room, light becomes a determining factor to highlight full and empty spaces, volumes and materials. The enlightenment becomes an integral part of the project, from the starting concept to its application as a constitutive element of the structure, not only as a simple functional accessory, highlighting the importance of the lighting studio according to the entire architectural complex.

Thanks to Linea Light Group’s solutions, which have found perfect and harmonious internal and external placement, the aim has been achieved, fully satisfying the needs of the client. An immediate scenic suggestion at the entrance of the Showroom is created by Fylo+ and Gypsum from Architectural Lighting collection. The essential graphic style of the first product is connected to the elegance of the second one, a minimalist solution with recessed ceiling chalk frame disappears perfectly in the built space. The Lobby is enriched by very thin lines of light of Lafina from Professional LED Lighting collection, whose luminous cuts delineate the cement desk, simplifying the material impact. The solution adopted for the shelves is very particular: to illuminate the products on display some Ribbon Basic have been installed, 5W/m LED strips which combine functionality and aesthetics in a fascinating light and shade effect, involving all the structure. The successful mix of architecture and enlightenment works also in the small Meeting Room, where an essential and rigorous sequence of Pool, aligned with the ceiling, spreads a comfortable and soft light. Characterized by modularity, Paseo profiles create a continuous line in the wall and the ceiling with no visible interruptions. Extremely versatile, Paseo solutions make great-looking effects: a narrow beam for a wall grazing result or an opaque body for a diffused light. For the outdoor flowerbed the choice fell on Clivo products, powerLED source spotlights with reduced size and high flexibility: the light emission is characterized by a minimum of 8° to a maximum of 50°, thanks to the adjustable tilting bracket structure and the excellent peculiarities of the light beam. An excellent result, a proof of Linea Light Group’s ability to provide, in addition to cutting-edge solutions, a quality service in terms of customization and technical support.


Alessandra Visentin, Press officer - for Linea Light Group