PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT | Light + Building 2024

Feb. 21, 2024
A selection of products highlighting trends at the Light + Building tradeshow in Frankfurt, Germany (March 3–8, 2024).

From March 38, 2024, the global lighting community will meet in Frankfurt, Germany for the biennial Light + Building (L+B) trade fair at Frankfurt am Main. In 2022, more than 92,000 members of the lighting industry attended the first in-person edition of L+B since 2018, distributed across sectors including manufacturers, designers, and system integrators, as well as skilled tradespeople, construction/real estate, architectural and engineering, and building and energy service providers. As of this publication, organizers Messe Frankfurt report that they expect to host more than 2,100 exhibitors.

Following is a small curation of lighting and controls products and services from L+B exhibitors that LEDs Magazine finds reflective of the trade show organizers’ “megatrends”: advanced technologies that create sophisticated effects, or in terms of control, enable smooth user experiences; simplicity in achieving quiet design, utilizing sustainable materials and principles, or human-centric features; and uniqueness of craftsmanship, spatial effects, or functionality. Visit for more information on the schedule of events and full exhibitor list.

LOOP product lines, LEDVANCE – Hall 3.0, Booth D10

LEDVANCE announces a new series of sustainable luminaires called LOOP, beginning with the EVERLOOP and NATURELOOP launches, designed to promote circular economy principles. EVERLOOP offers easy replacement of LED light sources and drivers to update and refurbish luminaires in the field. NATURELOOP products are manufactured with at least 40% recycled plastic and feature fully recyclable packaging.



EMDC sensor, EnOcean – Hall 9.0, Booth D10A

Enhancements to the wireless energy-harvesting motion and activity sensor lineup include the ability to quantify motion events, improved occupancy detection, and greater access to ambient light level data. The multipurpose sensors are engineered to simplify building automation by allowing facilities managers to leverage utilization data to adjust not only lighting systems operation but HVAC systems and building maintenance personnel deployment.



Makrolon polycarbonate materials, Covestro – Hall 8.0, Booth A39

The Makrolon range of polycarbonates delivers novel features for diverse lighting applications. The Makrolon LED line provides over 90% light transmission for improved light output and quality while maintaining transparency and aesthetics for luminaire covers, lenses, and light guides. Makrolon RW is suited for use in reflectors, with up to 97% diffuse reflection in all directions for glare reduction, with an option opaque version available for specialty use.



Sustainability testing and certification, TÜV SÜD – Hall 8.0, Booth F87

Sustainable lighting design testing and certification services may cover life cycle assessment with verification of carbon footprint claims; product durability and reliability evaluation; materials compliance with WEEE Directive; conformity with the Ecodesign Directive; recycled and bio-based content assessment; and more. TUV SUD helps to ensure that manufacturers’ green claims are supported and products meet rigorous standards so that customers achieve their sustainability objectives.



Node linear system, Linea Light Group – Hall 3.1, Booth F41

Node’s multiple connection accessories and light module options enable flexible linear lighting designs for interior environments. Available modules include linear bars, projectors, and flexible diffused light elements, among others. Systems can be designed and installed for mono or bi-emission, wall, ceiling, or pendant mount for additional design creativity around architectural features.



Pharos Cloud, Pharos Architectural Controls – Hall 8.0, Booth C71

Pharos Cloud allows secure and user-friendly remote lighting control and management from anywhere. Multiple users can access projects, organized by sites, with individual, granular permissions parameters, while a “control panel” setup enables quick access of frequent tasks. Cloud supports all Pharos controllers that are compatible with the company’s Designer 2 or Expert software platforms.



LTwo light tube, APL AG – Hall 5.0, Booth A28

LTwo is a miniaturized, modular light source and luminaire in one form factor with similar footprint to a T5 tube. A snap-in ceiling mount and magnetic luminaire mount simplify installation, while 13 optical distribution options address a variety of light shapes and area or task illumination scenarios from offices to corridors/stairwells and hospitality, retail, and public buildings. The LTwo light engines deliver efficacy from 143 to 180 lm/W depending on CRI selection (80 or 90) and constant current or constant voltage operating modes.



Infinity LMS platform, Cosmicnode – Hall 8, Booth E19

A cloud-based, multitenant, multisite lighting management system (LMS), Infinity streamlines emergency lighting testing compliance, predictive maintenance, environmental monitoring, asset tracking, and unified building data management. The emergency lighting testing solution integrated into the LMS supports all DALI emergency drivers conforming to the IEC 62386-202 standard, provides insights on specific fault locations, and eliminates manual safety testing for code compliance.



AGP optical materials, A.L.P. Europe – Hall 8, Booth B29

Optically clear AGP styrene sheets utilize a microprism structure on one face to hide light sources with a soft cutoff, reducing visual glare and brightness over 65° to achieve UGR <19. The material can be used alone or in combination with other LED diffusion films and sheets. A co-extruded UV layer resists degradation from UV wavelengths.



DALI-2 certification program, the DALI Alliance – Hall 8.0, Booth D80A

The DALI Alliance develops test specifications that allow companies to test their products for compliance with DALI-2 requirements, derived from the multi-part IEC 62386 standard or from DiiA specifications. Independent testing and verification will drive industry adoption of interoperable lighting and controls devices that utilize the DALI-2 protocol to enable data-rich systems with a simpler end-user experience, while minimizing energy usage and providing equipment maintenance insights.



GLARIS luminaires, Schätti – Hall 3.1, Booth F40

Jörg Boner’s minimalist GLARIS design emits direct and indirect light through a single panel while hiding the light source and diffuser from view. White painted aluminum shades create an unusual effect in which only the reflective luminaire surfaces are visible. App control allows users to select CCTs between 2700K and 4000K. Form factors include pendant and wall-mount luminaires as well as table and floor lamp versions.



Zhaga Book specifications and solutions, Zhaga Consortium – Hall 5.0, Booth B60

Zhaga continues to add to its Zhaga Book specifications with new targets to help promote circularity, connectivity, and interoperability in the lighting market. Books 21 and 26 define a mechanical and electrical interface for vendor-independent, toolless-replaceable linear LED modules installed by professionals to extend service life and enable upgraded performance. Prototypes of example linear socketable LED modules will be on display.


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