PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT | Light+Building 2022

Oct. 2, 2022
A selection of products from exhibitors at the Light+Building tradeshow in Frankfurt, Germany (Oct. 2-6, 2022).

From Oct. 2–6, 2022, lighting manufacturers and building services providers will gather in Frankfurt, Germany for the first in-person Light+Building tradeshow since 2018. The exhibition is typically held every two years but has not been back as a physical event since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. As of the date of this publication, organizer Messe Frankfurt says more than 1,500 exhibitors from 40-plus nations are prepared to discuss their latest offerings across luminaires, lighting components, software and controls, and other services and solutions. Although LEDs Magazine will not be attending Light+Building, we hope lighting stakeholders enjoy the event, make great connections, and find renewed optimism for the future of this evolving industry. Visit for more information on the exhibition.


Chip-scale package LEDs, Bridgelux — Hall 8.0, Booth C70

Fabricated without bond wires or plastic molds, Bridgelux’s flip-chip and phosphor coating technologies equip its latest chip-scale package (CSP) LEDs for high-density clustering, tunable CCT, and high-luminous-flux output. Seamless and flexible assembly on boards enables customer-specific COBs and modules for commercial, entertainment, industrial, and outdoor lighting applications. Optimized to deliver high efficacy at high current density, the CSP2727 4000K 70 CRI device delivers efficacy of 209 lm/W at 350 mA and 190 lm/W at 700 mA, respectively.


Z-Wave Alliance Pavilion — Hall 9.0, Booth E40

The standards development organization Z-Wave Alliance will feature a full pavilion of smart home and member companies including WiDom, Airzone, Fibar Group, HELTUN, HOPPE AG, Silicon Labs, Smart Home Swiss, Vision-Electronics Technology Co., Ltd, and Z-Wave.Me. New products demonstrate interoperability and compatibility with other devices in the Z-Wave ecosystem. Solutions on exhibit include smart switches, inverter/controller modules, energy monitoring and control software, touch-screen controls, connected home-security and automation sensors, communications bridges and electronics, and standalone SoCs and modules.


Ultra-wideband occupancy sensor, NOVELDA — Hall 8.0, Booth D25

UWB (3.1 to 10.6 GHz range radio waves) is expected to deliver responsivity and energy savings through occupancy sensing, people counting, and data transmission. The debut UWB occupancy sensor offers high detection accuracy, low interference, and simple integration with its compact 12×12-mm form factor. The sensor can be set to time-out as quickly as 2 minutes, versus the 15 minutes commonly found with occupancy detection methods. Its precision detection zone can be configured to between 0.5 and 1.5 m, and recognizes occupants even when they remain stationary.


Wall washer and wall grazer, Carclo Optics — Hall 8.0, Booth D03

Carclo adds to its stable of high-performance LED optics, diffusers, and lenses on display at Light+Building 2022. The new tri-extrusion total internal reflection (TIR) optic is composed of an extruded clear UV-stabilized polycarbonate (PC). The unit has a built-in 0.5-mm high-transmission diffusion layer and IP65-rated seal. It is engineered for wall washer and wall grazing applications.


IoT devices and configuration software, KNX — Hall 12.0, Booths B91 and C85; Hall 11.1, Booth C92

In the KNX IoT showroom at Booth B91, visitors can experience the first products and solutions based on the KNX IoT third-party API and learn more about the now available open-source KNX IoT Point API. Booth C92 will focus on cybersecurity, with KNX Secure devices that protect against hacking. Windows-based Engineering Tool Software (ETS) will be on display at Booth C85, with exclusive discounts for stand visitors on cloud licensing and ETS apps. 22 KNX members will exhibit their products in KNX booths, and more than 100 others at their own company stands.


Care222 Series, Ushio Europe and UV Medico — Hall 8.0, Booth G31

Care222 ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) lamps utilize krypton chloride UV sources and an optical bandpass filter to generate 222-nm radiation (often called “far UV”) that disrupts the genetic structures of pathogens to render them unable to reproduce or infect. According to Ushio and other researchers, current UV findings show that wavelengths between 200 and 230 nm pose minimal photobiological risks and reduced ozone-generation risk compared to 254-nm UV-C, which cannot be utilized in occupied areas without shielding from the source. The Care222 lamps and UV Medico UV222 fixture will be exhibited at Light+Building.


ElectroglaZ, Zytronic — Hall 9.0, Booth D09

ElectroglaZ leverages Zytronic sensing expertise to deliver a transparent glass surface that can power low-voltage devices such as LED lights, audio devices, motors, fans, and more, without visible cables or wires. Displays will include an audiovisual system with floating speakers and LCD transmitting data through Bluetooth. Capacitive touch technology will enable users to control the demonstration. Additional form factors will also make an appearance.


LumiTop 4000 colorimeter, Instrument Systems — Hall 8.0, Booth H38

The 2D imaging colorimeter’s 12-MP camera quickly and simultaneously measures individual micro LEDs to test arrays intended for automotive adaptive front-lighting systems (AFS) applications. This eliminates the concern of temperature-drifting effects during testing. In combination with the precisely calibrated CAS 140D spectroradiometer, the LumiTop system delivers accurate readings for brightness, uniformity, and color.


Dynasolis, Nichia — Hall 8.0, Booth D60

Nichia will showcase the tunable, circadian-effective Dynasolis LED technology at its exhibit. Both melanopic illuminance and color temperature are tunable within the same LED component, which also provides high CRI and efficacy, to address both the visual and nonvisual elements of human-centric lighting designs. The LED developer will also exhibit light sources devised to meet the needs of high-end retail, hospitality, and office lighting; street and area lighting; educational environments; and museum/gallery lighting applications.


Wireless connectivity certification programs & ecosystem, DALI Alliance — Hall 8.0, Booth D70

The DALI Alliance will familiarize visitors with wireless connectivity options through its certification programs and demonstrate features such as grouping, scene setting, building control, sensors, emergency lighting, and color control with hardware. Wireless-to-DALI gateways are now available to connect existing wired DALI devices in a non-DALI wireless ecosystem, with Bluetooth mesh-to-DALI and Zigbee-to-DALI gateways under development. DALI+ certification is expected to further evolve DALI as a globally standardized lighting protocol.


LED optics, LEDiL Oy — Hall 8.0, Booth C18

From zoom lenses to lens modules that deliver the proper intensity and beam distribution for energy-efficient illumination, LEDiL offers more than a thousand lens and optical solutions for interior and exterior lighting, and specialty products purpose-built for the demands of horticulture, sports venues, street lighting and more.


STM 550 sensors, EnOcean — Hall 8.0, Booth E39

EnOcean’s energy-harvesting sensors and switches communicate using open standards including EnOcean (ISO/IEC 14543-3-1X), Bluetooth, or Zigbee to create an interoperable environment for smart lighting and building systems development. Self-powered, battery-free devices not only reduce loads on electrical systems but also drive applications such as self-learning IoT climate control via temperature and humidity sensors, room controllers, and actuators, that demonstrate heating energy savings up to 20% annually. On exhibit will be the solar-powered STM 550 multisensor family which integrates temperature, humidity, lighting, acceleration, and magnetic contact sensors into a compact unit.


Debox 11 electrical junction box, Hylec — Hall 8.0, Booth H11

Debox 11 is an IP66/IP67rated, surface-mounted, polypropylene junction box with a total of ten cable entries supplied complete with five screwless three-way lever connectors. Designed for interior or exterior use on projects such as exterior lighting, outbuildings and anywhere exposed to water or dust ingress such as industrial environments, the box also has four PCB fixing posts in the base to take a PCB mounting plate. Maximum voltage is 400V, 32A. The RAL9003 flame-retardant, impact-resistant enclosure is rated for use in temperatures ranging from -30d° to +100°C and maximum voltage is 400V, 32A.


Simon iO, Simon — Hall 11.1, Booth C51

Simon will exhibit its lighting and control interfaces including the new Simon iO home control system. The Simon iO app manages intelligent switches, Simon 100 and 270 wall-based controls, plugs, and thermostats via smartphone or home voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa or Hey Google. Other products featured at the booth include ProtoPixel luminaires that deliver dynamic connected lighting experiences.


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