LEDs Magazine News & Insights - Sep 13th, 2023
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September 13, 2023

Welcome to LEDs Magazine’s News & Insights for Sept. 13, 2023. Argue away if you must, but as soon as September rolls in, I consider summer to be over weather supporting or not. So in today’s edition, we’re featuring a collection of the most popular stories on our website from this summer. From simulated daylight systems to Li-Fi and future energy production, get a taste of the hottest topics of the summer below.

I’m also happy to report that our September issue will land this week, bringing you insightful content on luminaire-level lighting controls and how LED lighting supports the educational experience across different learning environments. Keep an eye on our magazine archive for that issue.

Finally, if you are working in SSL luminaire product development or need to learn more about your light-source options in terms of advanced feature offerings, register to join today’s webinar live at 3:00 PM EDT. And of course you can attend on demand if that better suits your convenience.

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A simulated skylight from Innerscene provides daylight-like experience in windowless interior spaces.
Signify is among the light-based communications technology providers that expressed skepticism about the ability of IEEE 802.11bb to address large-scale commercial applications.
Nobel winner's latest endeavor seeks an energy-crisis solution through laser research.
More integrated functionality, extended operation modes, tunability, and a Zhaga compliant footprint in the latest AC input light engines will meet a range of fixture design needs. Register to learn more on Sept. 13.
CRAIG DILOUIE summarizes modifications in the 2019 90.1 energy reference standard that states will likely use for commercial energy code adoption, and compares alternatives to the standard.
Light and Health Research Center scientists MARK REA and JOHN BULLOUGH explain why contemporary LED headlights often cause glare discomfort and how the technology can be standardized and deployed in the U.S. for everyone's benefit.
In his most recent role as regional manager for EMEA, de Gruyter has overseen a seven-fold increase in Pharos regional sales.
Lighting and electrical industry executive search firm marks its milestone with summer/fall series workforce seminars.
Newer LED models are increasingly common as exterior aircraft lighting solutions, but knowing when to retrofit legacy lighting solutions to LED can be tricky, Mario Pierobon writes for AviationPros.
LED external lighting solutions have been embraced to a large extent in both commercial and business aircraft.