September 13th Webinar: TWM1 and Next Generation AC Input Light Engines

Sept. 13, 2023
More integrated functionality, extended operation modes, tunability, and a Zhaga compliant footprint in the latest AC input light engines will meet a range of fixture design needs. Register to learn more in this on-demand webinar.
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This event was originally held on September 13, 2023 and is now available for on demand viewing.
Sponsor: ERP Power
Duration: 1 Hour

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Following the development of ERP Power’s Brightstar Award winning TWM2 AC Input Light Engines, ERP began development on a whole family of AC input light engines intended to suit every fixture designer’s needs. Please join us on September 13th with Vachik Javadian to explore this exciting new world of AC input light engines that offer features such as tunable white, static white, and tunable color support while eliminating the need for a separate LED driver.

Vachik Javadian
Vice President of Applications Engineering

Vachik Javadian has 35 years of experience in Lighting, controls and Electronics Industry. Vachik is currently Vice President of Applications Engineering at ERP, leading the FAE and internal applications team and helping customers implement proper driver, LED system, control and thermal designs. He helps define the next generation drivers and additionally designs optics for light engines.He conducts technical presentations and webinars on Thermal Design, LED Technology and Design, Bluetooth and etc. for the lighting design community.Prior to ERP, as Cree’s Americas FAE Director, Vachik was responsible for managing Cree’s Americas FAE team and supported LED lighting customers for six years. He has helped major LED customers develop state of the art LED lighting fixtures by implementing proper LED, electrical, thermal, optical and mechanical designs.Vachik worked for Cypress Semiconductor Corporation for 17 years. As a Sr. Staff Field Application Engineer, he helped customers design various electronics systems.Vachik conducted dozens of region-wide technical and VHDL/Verilog day-long seminars for design engineers. Vachik covered Mixed Signal Microcontrollers, USB, Wireless/RF, Framers, Capacitive Sensing, Lighting and Control, CPLDs and FPGAs. He developed LED color mixing control systems using microcontrollers.Vachik successfully designed over 30 Gate Arrays and Digital/Analog Standard Cell ICs at National Semiconductor where he worked for 10 years as a Sr. Staff design engineer.Vachik holds a M.S. degree in Electrical Engineering from San Jose State University. He graduated from CSU Fresno with honors as an Electrical Engineer.
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