LEDs UV Tech Insights - Mar 16th, 2023
News & views on ultraviolet technology and applications - disinfection, safety, LED developments, and more
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March 16, 2023

Welcome to LEDs Magazine’s bimonthly UV Tech Insights newsletter for March 16, 2023. My apologies if our coverage has sounded like a broken record over the past year with regard to a perceived slowing of growth in adoption and advances in UV-C disinfection equipment within the lighting industry. It prompted us to ask whether we had the latest insights into the market prospects for LEDs in this area, so we tasked new contributor Kristin Lewotsky with challenging our preconceptions in a feature from our April/May issue. It turns out that those researching and participating in this technology sector think it is moving forward on target, but LEDs will see a different rate of adoption by application segment as well as by the pace of performance advances.

Given that water systems are expected to drive UV-C LED technology adoption, we’re also featuring two articles on very different aqueous applications: water quality sensing and water sterilization.

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UV-C LEDs were expected to cross the chasm into early majority adoption in germicidal applications. KRISTIN LEWOTSKY gets feedback from market players and experts on misconceptions about market prospects and why individual application segment matters.
Water disinfection itself has already been on the radar of UV-LED makers, but now UV-C LEDs are in a position to serve in a sensing capacity in the larger water treatment system, says HARI VENUGOPALAN.
How do application usage scenarios impact the specification and design of UV-C-based sterilization and disinfection products?
Highly sensitive portable spectroradiometer with USB interface has high dynamic range.
The 280-nm NCSU434C delivers a radiant flux of 110 mW at 350 mA, leading to 5.4% WPE.
Luminaire utilizes Ushio Care222 far-UVC disinfection technology with patented filter for narrow band 222-nm emission.
PREMIUM CONTENT: With the COVID-19 pandemic came research and development (and ultimately deployment) of technologies designed to fight the SARS-CoV-2 virus and keep people safe and healthy in the environments where they live, work, and play. While not new, one such technology is germicidal ultraviolet (UV) disinfection. This EC&M eBook will help y...
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