Articulight, Inc. has released the ImageMaker LED IP, an outdoor image projector

Date Announced: 05 Feb 2013

Fair Lawn, NJ, USA – Based on the success of its indoor LED image projectors, Articulight, Inc. has recently launched the ImageMaker LED IP™ series. It is designed for outdoors use and targeted to replace high energy consumption and low lamp life halogen and metal halide sources.

The ImageMaker LED IP™ is an image projector using long life, low wattage, high power white LED COB (Chip On Board) technology with the selection of 30w, 60w and 100w power sources. It also offers a variety of color temperatures as well as a few beam angles and can be focused and zoomed manually. The ImageMaker LED IP™ has a smart heat management system that keeps the projector and its various sub-assemblies cool ensuring reliability and durability.

The ImageMaker LED IP™ uses gobos (metal, glass or dichroic) for image projection. The ImageMaker LED IP™ series is designed to address a wide range of applications in the architectural, entertainment, display and retail markets and to be used outdoors on facades, sidewalks, just to name a few. The ImageMaker LED IP™, is compact, lightweight and cost effective. For more detailed info:

Articulight, Inc 15-06 Morlot Avenue Fair Lawn, New Jersey 07410 USA Tel: 201-796-2690 Fax: 201-796-8818


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