HB-LED manufacturing technology looks on track to meet cost demands of general lighting market (MAGAZINE)

Technical breakthroughs and manufacturing improvements should keep the LED industry on track to improve performance and reduce costs at an appropriate rate, but this is not a done deal, as ERIC VIREY, PHILIPPE ROUSSEL, PAULA DOE and TOM PEARSALL describe.

In the booming HB-LED market, it’s easy to forget that the next wave of growth depends on technology that doesn’t actually exist yet. Development of a volume market for general LED lighting depends on technical breakthroughs and manufacturing improvements that reduce costs per lumen by as much as a 10x, in order to compete with fluorescents. But recent progress suggests the industry looks on track to meet the challenge.

Strong demand for display backlights propelled the HB-LED sector to better than 50% growth in 2010, and 2011 will likely see another 50% jump. Displays should continue to drive double-digit growth through 2013-2014. However, as the displays sector matures, continued growth will be dependent on the quick development of significant demand for general LED lighting by 2015. Based on our assessment of recent progress towards improving performance and reducing costs, we think the industry is on track to achieve this. But it’s not a done deal: there’s a lot more development that needs to happen.


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