Yes-Tech's SIXI indoor LED display family features point by point brightness and chromaticity correction

YES TECH now offers the SIXI indoor full color LED display series in the following types: P5.08, P6.1, P7.62, P10.16

Common indoor LED display series types: P4, P5, P6, P7.62, P10

SIXI: Same dimensions - 244*244mm module can be compatible with various products with different pixel pitch.

SIXI indoor LED display features
1. LED: Adopting famous brand's LEDs, which enhances our LED viewing angle, provides high brightness, low light failure, strong heat dissipation and bright color.
2. Driving IC: Famous brands such as Philips, Toshiba; avoid defectphenomena, such as dark bright, virtual light and so on.
3. Power supply: Industrial-strength brand. The power t maximum power reserve of 20% the space, the range of voltage fluctuation is less than 5%, high stability.
4. Connector: Aerial grade brands ensure the stable transmission of power and signal.
5. PCB: FR-4 A2 CCL, adopts 4-layer design.

Excellent display
1. High contrast mask design: New antiglare mask design, fine sand processing and black coating on the surface, no glare, and improved contrast.
2. Automated SMT: Adopting high-end automated SMT machine, advanced wave soldering and reflow soldering processing, to effectively avoid the wrong plug, plug leakage, leakage welding, virtual welding problems.
3. Module suite: Improves the planarity of the whole screen, and reduces the seam between neighboring modules.
4. Multi-gray display: Adopts 16bit gray processing technology to restore natural image. And using S-PWM driving technology to add gray grade, meets the 16bit high gray display requirements with low brightness.
5 Point by point correction: The correction technology of brightness and chromaticity ensure the uniformity of the LED display screen’s brightness and color.

Variety and ease
1. Various installation methods: Cabinet assembly or magnetic suction installation
2. Easy maintenance: Optional front maintenance, back maintenance and single point maintenance according to the installation site.


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