Mayyard's LED floodlight achieves greater than 90-lm/W efficacy

Ningbo Mayyard's LED floodlight is mainly used in single buildings, historical buildings exterior lighting, indoor local lighting, landscape lighting, billboard lighting, cultural square and other specialized facilities lighting; bars, discos and other entertainment lighting. Ningbo Mayyard Photoelectricity Co., Ltd is a company specializing in the development, production and sale of diodes and lighting manufacturing company. The LED floodlight product mainly have the following advantages:

1) Cost-effective
Lighting effect >90lm/W, PF>0.95, the power have 10W, 20W, 60W, 100W and etc; it’s energy efficient, it saves more than 70% lighting than traditional lamps.

2) High color rendering index
Spot uniformity, no yellow circle, no dark areas, no glare. Color temperature is 2700k-6500K, color rendering index is above 80, the beam angle is around 120°.

3) Beautiful appearance, meticulous workmanship
Structure and appearance is with professional design, small size and thin thickness, border anodized surface, the color have golden, white, silver and etc to meet different customer requirement. Its good heat dissipation, to ensure the maintenance of a high luminous flux, low light failure.

4) IP65
With explosion-proof glass, the IP grade is 65, suitable for outdoor use. It can pass CE, ROHS, FCC certificate.

5) Long lifespan, low light failure.
With high quality materials, according to the company's advanced management mode and production process, the product are strict with aging, testing and other relevant standards and processes, to make each product with high luminous efficiency, luminous flux attenuation, lifespan of up to three years, to ensure that each product to the user is a good experience.


Ningbo Mayyard Photoelectricity Co., Ltd
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