Epistar reports 110 lm/W warm-white LEDs

Epistar has developed multi-chip packages combining red and blue chips, to simultaneously achieve high color rendering index (CRI) and high efficacy.

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Packages without phosphor
Taiwan-based LED maker Epistar, says that it has developed a technology to reach high color rendering index (CRI) and high efficacy for warm-white LEDs, in order to replace low-efficacy incandescent light bulbs.

While efficacy and CRI are two of the major performance metrics in the lighting industry, these two merits usually work against each other. However, Epistar says that its approach enables improvement of these two metrics simultaneously.

The 1W package has a CRI of 90 and efficacy up to 110lm/W for lower voltage (15V) operation, while the 3W package has a CRI of 90 and efficacy up to 105lm/W for higher voltage (50V) operation. Both these packages have a CCT of around 3000K.

The 1W lamp combines several of Epistar’s blue and red LED chips in the same package. The power consumption and total lumens can be adjusted by modifying the combination of LED chips.

Illuminated packages
The 3W lamp used one high-voltage, monolithically-integrated DC multiple-chip array combined with several of Epistar’s red LED chips. Yellow-green phosphors were used in both 1W and 3W packages. A bridge structure can be used with the 3W lamp to achieve the AC drive.

These packages can be used in E12/E14 candle lights, E26/E27/GU10 light bulbs, PAR lights and other applications for high-efficacy, warm-white light.

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