Philips introduces solar-powered LED football floodlights

LED lighting can bring the fun and enjoyment of sports to communities where a lack of electricity limits participation, says Philips.

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Philips has introduced a dedicated solar-powered LED floodlighting system, to enable people with little or no access to electricity to enjoy playing or watching sport long into the night.

Some 1.6 billion people in the world today are unable to connect to a regular electricity supply. The new Philips system will enable communities in developing and developed markets alike to participate in social, educational, cultural and commercial activities after sunset - including the world’s most popular sport, football.

Launched today at simultaneous press events in the Netherlands and South Africa, the system is available as a fully portable solution. The LED-based system can illuminate areas up to 40x20m with bright white light. Advanced battery cells provide up to eight hours of floodlighting on a single solar charge – the equivalent of two or three full evening football matches or training sessions.

The system is also highly sustainable, with a rugged design able to withstand the extreme rigors of life in some of the more challenging and remote terrains in the world.

“This is a fantastic initiative,” says Kanu, the Nigerian international footballer, who is working with Philips to help promote the floodlighting system around the world. “Football is a universal language, especially in Africa. Enabling children and adults to be active in playing football and other sports, even once the sun goes down, will enrich their lives, their health and their well-being considerably.”

“Our new solar-powered LED floodlighting solution is a wonderful example of Philips’ application of meaningful innovation based on our insight and understanding of people’s needs,” says Marc de Jong, CEO of the Professional Luminaires business of Philips Lighting. “I am extremely proud by this application of our expertise in LED lighting and sports lighting in particular, helping to bring the fun and enjoyment of sports to communities where a lack of electricity limits participation.”

The new solar LED floodlighting system is available to order now from Philips on a project basis. Philips can provide a total solution including the LED floodlights, portable poles, solar panels and batteries, or just a set of floodlights. The system can also be used for non-sporting applications in locations without access to an electricity grid, such as evening classes in remote villages, safety and security, shops or outdoor markets, or emergency lighting for disaster situations.

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