GE opts to have LED traffic signals meet higher standard

April 23, 2008
Ongoing random production unit tests by third-party certification firm Intertek will go beyond ITE standard.
LED traffic signals from Lumination LLC, GE Consumer & Industrial’s LED business, will now meet a comprehensive third-party certification for modules under the Intertek ETL Verified program. Production units of Lumination’s GT1 brand of LED circular signals, arrows and pedestrian signals will be independently tested and evaluated using the latest industry standards published by the Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE).

The new Intertek ETL Verified program goes beyond the minimum specs of other current third-party testing, which involves design qualification testing as defined under ITE Specifications, Section 6.4, requiring manufacturers to provide six proof-of-design modules that meet ITE Specifications.

The Intertek program involves an initial production facility audit and product benchmarking tests followed by a bi-annual facility audit and testing of two random samples of each SKU to ensure that production units are ITE compliant.

Section 6.3 Production Tests & Inspections of the ITE Specifications states that all lamps must undergo full production testing and inspection prior to shipping. All lamps must pass: luminous intensity requirements; power factor requirements; current consumption <120% of design; and visual inspection.

The new Intertek ETL Verified program shifts the declaration of compliance with Section 6.3, which involves production tests and inspections, from the manufacturer to an independent testing agency. With the Intertek ETL Verified program, end-users can save on the expense of random sampling.

“In our view, this independent verification can instill a new level of confidence in customers. We think such verification is as important as the spec itself,” says David Elien, president and CEO of Lumination.

Intertek provides testing and certification services for a variety of commercial and electrical products, including product safety testing and certification, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) testing, performance testing, and management systems certification.