LEDs Magazine News & Insights - Jun 12th, 2024
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June 12, 2024

In this week’s News & Insights, we have another stellar entry from Craig DiLouie of the Lighting Controls Association. This time, he simplifies the custom rebate process for commercial lighting professionals, explaining in short when to pursue a custom rebate, what information to track down, and how to utilize the opportunities offered by different programs.

Meanwhile, we have an exciting update on our blog about our foray into podcasting. Mark Halper has reported on two new horticultural developments – one a light source for fixture designers, and the other a project that yielded such impressive results, the grower is going back for more LED lights.

Finally, check out partner content from teams around Endeavor Business Media, including a June 20 webinar from our colleagues at IndustryWeek that will serve up economic experts’ perspectives on the manufacturing economy of the first half of this year – a must-attend!

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CRAIG DILOUIE makes sense of custom rebates for commercial lighting projects — when to pursue, what to prepare, and how to capitalize on them.
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Register for a webinar detailing good design principles for integrating next-generation light engines into LED fixture designs to achieve new cost and performance benefits.
Dive into the innovative renovation of the Oakwood Center in Gretna, Louisiana, where design elements seamlessly adapt to different times of the day, transforming the mall's ambiance into a vibrant atmosphere for shoppers.
Join us as we explore the impact of high interest rates, inflation, and strong consumer spending on expansion plans. Our economic experts will lend insights into the potential impact of federal infrastructure and technology investments, the growth of organized labor and the role of automation in addressing...