LEDs Magazine News & Insights - Jun 5th, 2024
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June 5, 2024

In this week’s News & Insights, we have a wide range of both! When industry marketing consultancy AMBI reached out about lighting industry trends, we found it an engaging opportunity to see how LEDs Magazine has demonstrated some of these trends in its coverage. You’ll find perspectives from both AMBI CEO Will Sears and our editor included.

Meanwhile, Norwegian lighting company Glamox continues to see marked growth in its business serving the maritime and wind sector, as Dutch forces unite in the horticultural arena with Signify partnering with controls outfit Hoogendoorn Growth Management. Outdoor lighting deployments, however, could still use plenty of work and considerable restrategizing, according to DarkSky International.

Finally, even if you can’t make it to tomorrow’s live webinar, register for on-demand attendance on your schedule. Vachik Javadian of ERP Power has a wealth of lighting systems knowledge to impart.

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BEI marketing agency AMBI recently analyzed client activities and strategies to pinpoint five areas to strengthen business.
An early Easter and inflation also contributes to a first quarter loss. Efficiencies are coming, such as a new tool for designing ship lighting that’s already in place.
The alliance marks the second in the last two weeks between an LED provider and a controlled environment system specialist.
DarkSky International's annual report indicates that light pollution prevention remains "extremely low."
In his second report from the Net Zero Lighting Conference in London, MARK HALPER focuses on value chain relationships.
Register for a webinar detailing good design principles for integrating next-generation light engines into LED fixture designs to achieve new cost and performance benefits.
Thoughtful lighting for a new animal shelter and adoption center in Texas layers natural and electric light to uplift the spirits of all those who enter the facility.
People often focus on the money saved when households or businesses pursue energy-efficient options. That’s a valid advantage, but what about the associated social value?