LEDs Magazine News & Insights - May 22nd, 2024
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May 22, 2024

In this week’s News & Insights, we’re pleased to announce the 2024 LEDs Magazine BrightStar Awards honorees. A total of 58 products have been recognized for their advances in performance, reliability; integrator, installer, and user experience; and improved attention to sustainability factors beyond energy efficiency. Look for more coverage about these products in our upcoming Product Spotlight and an online presentation.

You’ll also find a detailed profile on horticultural lighting provider Aelius LED. Based in Canada, Aelius focuses on system efficacy and light output to optimize fixtures for crop health and sustainability.

Meanwhile, we’re looking forward to learning more about the engineering advancements in light engines for updated luminaire designs in our June 6 webinar with ERP Power’s Vachik Javadian. Click the link in the newsletter body below to register and join us.

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Entries demonstrated progress toward achieving sustainability objectives while improving installation and user experience.
Horticultural lighting firm designs fixtures to support creative cultivators, from small local food operations to cannabis growers.
With increased access to fast turnarounds across consumer markets, the lighting industry has developed quick ship programs to deliver some of the most popular luminaire and controls offerings. JANA MADSEN reports on the strategies and trends.
LUIS SUAU and BETSY CONROY detail how a large-scale PoE lighting project helps an electronics distributor save energy, add flexibility to spaces, and reduce materials footprint.
Get Mark Halper's preliminary takeaways as we prepare to publish additional insights from the Net Zero Lighting Conference in the coming days.
Register for a webinar detailing good design principles for integrating next-generation light engines into LED fixture designs to achieve new cost and performance benefits.
Episode 96 of the Today’s Electrical Economy podcast sponsored by Champion looks at some of large construction projects Top 150 distributors are working on and provides some interesting commentary of what’s happening with copper prices.
With the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) pushing for reporting requirements including financial impact and climate-related impact metrics, organizations in the industrial sector will need to demonstrate, report, and showcase their eco-friendly initiatives. This is where automation software...