LEDs Magazine News & Insights - May 15th, 2024
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May 15, 2024

In this week's News & Insights, you'll find initial insights from Mark Halper's time at the Net-Zero Lighting Conference. Speakers spent considerable time defining "net zero" nersus "carbon neutral" and how these concepts can direct the lighting industry's efforts toward sustainability.

We also feature news on Nichia's concentration on automotive lighting advances with an innovation center; continuing penetration of LEDs into utility/energy facilities; and a link to our next webinar. On June 6, learn how to integrate next-generation light engines into new and existing fixtures designs for increased performance and cost benefits.

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Speakers at London conference implore vendors and the value chain to push beyond “offsetting” toward no emissions at all.
Some 800 new luminaires also address the European fluorescent ban.
LED technology developer announces facility mission to advance automotive lighting with support from partners.
The Malaysian plant exit is still fresh, but that’s not stopping the company from planning another big facility. This time it will be close to home, and not micro LEDs.
Engineer CLAUDE ZHU outlines the importance of advanced lighting technologies and design for peak autonomous vehicle experience.
Register for a webinar detailing good design principles for integrating next-generation light engines into LED fixture designs to achieve new cost and performance benefits.
Like many institutions in post-pandemic America, colleges and universities face multiple pressures: higher costs yet tight facility budgets, aging buildings and functional spaces, and advancing technology demands. For Montclair State University, a public research university in New Jersey, these challenges...
In this Q&A, CoolLED managing director Jake Davies chats with EPIC’s technology manager for biomedical and lasers.