LEDs Magazine News & Insights - May 1st, 2024
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May 1, 2024

In this week’s News & Insights, our Mark Halper has been busy recording the quarterly financial updates released by ams Osram and Signify. Overall, although both organizations have admitted some struggles, there are signs that the horticultural business – both components and systems – will be on an upswing later this year.

Meanwhile, electronics distributor Mouser Electronics is on the subject side of a project story, in which Sinclair Digital’s chief business officer Luis Suau and networking/telecom industry writer Betsy Conroy detail how a Power over Ethernet lighting system came together to fit out a new facility addition at Mouser’s Dallas-Fort Worth area campus. The project integrates fault-managed DC power distribution and PoE network architecture for robust centralized control and improved energy efficiency at the busy warehouse.

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Optical/photonics solutions manufacturer also minimizes micro LED activities in Germany, focusing production for internal use, not the general market. Meanwhile, overall first-quarter results decline but automotive is strong.
LUIS SUAU and BETSY CONROY detail how a large-scale PoE lighting project helps an electronics distributor save energy, add flexibility to spaces, and reduce materials footprint.
That’s something the company hasn’t been able to say since the fall of 2022. There were some surprise downturns, though.
Both Signify and ams Osram reported ongoing growth in their quarterly calls last week. But will electricity prices continue to decline in their favor?
Learn more about the Manufacturing Phase of the L-Prize from this article, and sign up for the organizers' webinar on May 8.
U.S. military provides $8.6 million to a joint project developing bright screens.
Effective lighting in healthcare environments provides greater benefits than simple illumination. Careful choices can help improve the accuracy of medical procedures, contribute to an environment conducive to healing, and enhance patient comfort.
Designers and students are tasked to use their creativity to reimagine Flindt's designs, submissions open April 29.