LEDs Magazine News & Insights - Apr 24th, 2024
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April 24, 2024

In this week’s News & Insights, Craig DiLouie outlines how the Bluetooth NLC standard advances the adoption potential of wireless lighting control systems. Meanwhile, Mark Halper reports on an automotive bright spot for ams Osram, and software enhancements to Sollum’s “SUN as a Service” system to optimize electricity usage and light recipes for controlled environment agriculture.

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Full-stack standardization for lighting control devices improves the operation of lighting networks, amplifying prospects for wireless control systems adoption, writes CRAIG DILOUIE.
The company is still gasping for air after suffering a micro LED blow, but the automotive market for LEDs has been a different story.
Enhancements to “SUN as a Service” aim at improved electricity management and recipe optimization. They’ll even keep the lights on when the utility might want to stop the flow.
With increased access to fast turnarounds across consumer markets, the lighting industry has developed quick ship programs to deliver some of the most popular luminaire and controls offerings. JANA MADSEN reports on the strategies and trends.
The 2023 NEC specification for wall-mounted devices eliminates stand-alone battery-powered light switches. GRAHAM MARTIN explains how energy harvesting devices can meet the need for wall-mounted switches that are safely operable when the power goes out.
Don’t underestimate the savings and operational enhancements LED lighting can bring to digital infrastructure, says SAM RABINOWITZ, despite the massive power consumption that such facilities demand.
As a preteen, I visited my father in the hospital and, using the logic only available to my precocious self, decided what he needed to get well was better lighting and décor. The miasma of his hospital ward was little improved by the harvest gold and avocado décor and similarly hued lighting...
Li was most recently WAC Lighting's executive VP, where she oversaw the company’s operations.