LEDs Magazine News & Insights - Apr 17th, 2024
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April 17, 2024

In this week's News & Insights, we highlight an interview with Inventronics leaders on how the lighting and controls components supplier has adapted its market approaches post-Osram Digital Solutions Eurasia acquisition. Meanwhile, writer Jana Madsen looks into the motivations and opportunities behind lighting quick ship programs.

And we don't want to forget to mention that LightSPEC West opened today in Anaheim, Calif. If you're in the vicinity, it's not too late to join a host of lighting, architecture, design, and building professionals at the Anaheim Convention Center for both LightSPEC West and the Southern California Facilities Expo today or tomorrow!

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LEDs Magazine recently spoke with leaders at Inventronics about market opportunities and access with the combined Osram and Inventronics digital lighting components business.
Registration nears 1,600 as influential buyers engaged in the architectural lighting market prepare for two-day event.
With increased access to fast turnarounds across consumer markets, the lighting industry has developed quick ship programs to deliver some of the most popular luminaire and controls offerings. JANA MADSEN reports on the strategies and trends.
After a string of declines, sales gained again. Meanwhile, the parent firm focuses increasingly on AI and high-performance computing.
Signify has added a number of 3D printed luminaires to its indoor commercial products that reduce new material use and demonstrate design flair.
A public university and a small private school demonstrate that lighting upgrades at any scale can reduce energy consumption while improving aesthetics, writes JENNY JONES.
There's no one in the lighting business who has had quite the same path into the market as Optec LED Lighting's Bob Tortorello in the lighting business. Learn how he got here and why he thinks it's a great place for young folks to launch their careers.
Lighting used to account for the largest share of electricity consumption in US commercial buildings. In 2003 the average was 38% but, thanks to widespread energy-saving LED technology, lighting’s share fell to 17% by 2017. As adoption of LEDs expanded, that number dropped further to 10% in the US Energy...