LEDs Magazine News & Insights - Mar 20th, 2024
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March 20, 2024

In this week’s News & Insights, Mark Halper reports more gains for Glamox in the offshore and marine lighting market. Meanwhile, in case you missed it, we've included recent insights on the micro LED business roadmap for ams Osram in this week's lineup as well. Finally, in advance of our upcoming feature on two very different school projects, we have a complementary focus on luminaire-level lighting controls in school settings.

We're having lots of productive discussions at LEDucation this week. Stay tuned for our recap and thoughts on the conversations and educational sessions.

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It will illuminate the work platforms in what should be the largest operation off the U.S. coast, as well as two in the Taiwan Strait and one in South Korea.
With its huge write-down prompted by the loss of Apple’s smartwatch, ams Osram will not completely exit the business, but will find markets where OLEDs won’t compete, says Yole Group.
CEU programming, product demonstrations, and networking opportunities abound during the two-day event centered on architectural lighting in the built environment.
Angela Pilant explains how school districts can customize and futureproof their lighting with luminaire level lighting control systems.
APRILLE BALANGUE explains how designers and engineers can validate the performance and experience benefits of luminaire-level lighting controls in school settings.
An educational session at LightSPEC West closely examines luminaire-level lighting controls.
Flexible solutions like luminaire level lighting controls (LLLC) can make reaching your green goals both cost-effective and energy efficient. Here’s how one facility manager made the case to an executive team to install it.