LEDs Applications Digest - Mar 7th, 2024
Monthly digest on high-potential LED lighting applications including health and wellbeing, controlled environment agriculture, and connected systems
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March 7, 2024

This month’s LEDs Magazine Applications Digest came together with an unplanned theme of environmental stewardship. As we outlined in a late 2023 column, the idea of meaningful action continues to permeate the lighting industry, from careful consideration of materials selection and distribution channels to addressing decarbonization objectives at an operational level. More efficient deployment of horticultural lighting tailored to crop needs will reduce energy demands and allow growers to invest in advanced water and environmental control technology in their facilities. And a deeper dive into the performance of outdoor lighting controls options will enable managers of municipal and public spaces to better balance maintenance, capital investment, and energy cost pressures.

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The company now includes end-user lighting efficiency in its measurements, which show reductions of 22% across the value chain compared to last year, and 50% since 2019. Renewable electricity has certainly helped.
A research team says that indoor farms might skip vegetative stage and go straight to flowering.
PNNL researchers have found that unexpected variations in performance with 0–10V controls connected to LED luminaire networks can result in inconsistent dimming and failure to meet proposed energy and cost savings.
The smart lighting controls provider expands its ecosystem with a wired controller developed to enable hybrid connectivity in lighting systems.
Flashing green lights brought down the “bycatch” rate by 42% in a Cypriot trial, preventing deaths.
The jury is still out on the spectra, but interest is picking up, as Red Sun taps variable wavelength system from Sollum, which has now signed up a cannabis farm as well.
New CEU Explains WELL v2 Circadian Lighting Credits
We can’t change the world with resilient, inviting, cost-effective and healthy buildings by knocking down existing facilities and starting again—but here’s what we can do.