LEDs Magazine News & Insights - Feb 7th, 2024
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February 7, 2024

In the weekly News & Insights, our featured headline centers on a U.K. action committee campaigning for the government to address light and noise pollution equally. Plus: Insights on the LEDucation virtual program; will TM66 help boost circularity; business grows at Sollum; and more.

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The House of Lords Science and Technology Committee calls light pollution a health hazard in need of a national policy and detailed research.
Online program takes place several days in advance of in-person event to capitalize on extended audience, while delivering a range of practical and thought-leadership seminars.
The jury is still out on the spectra, but interest is picking up, as Red Sun taps variable wavelength system from Sollum, which has now signed up a cannabis farm as well.
BOB BOHANNON summarizes the driving forces and challenges in adopting circular principles in the lighting market, and describes what the TM66 Circular Economy Assessment Method offers to help lighting manufacturers achieve circularity with their fittings.
Modular parts and reusable or recyclable materials combined with smart electronics can boost lighting’s sustainability quotient in controlled environment agriculture.
Recolight's online marketplace facilitates buying, selling, and refurbishing of luminaires.
The environmental impacts of rapid urbanization are now too severe to ignore. What is the future of urban sustainability?
In this episode, Paul Rothman, editor in chief of Security Business magazine, chats at the recent CES conference with Chris LaPré, Head of Technology for the Connectivity Standards Alliance, about a new access control standard CSA is developing called Aliro and what it will mean for connectivity technology...