LEDs Magazine News & Insights - Jan 24th, 2024
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January 24, 2024

In the weekly News & Insights for Jan. 24, 2024, U.K. lighting partners kick off a new conference centered around the march to net zero. Also in this issue: OLEDWorks announces its automotive lighting brand, studies continue into the complexities of pepper growing, and our LightSPEC colleague summarizes the brand mission.

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Other than Audi, customer wins have been scarce for its OLED technology. Is that about to change? The company also takes a swing at micro LEDs in the car sector.

Inventronics offers energy-saving LED solutions for a wide range of floodlighting applications. Thanks to state-of-the-art technology, our sophisticated products provide a high quality of light that ensures exceptional brightness, excellent visibility and a high level of safety in many outdoor areas – from various industrial and shipping facilities to a broad spectrum of outdoor sports venues. 

Recolight and the Lighting Industry Association jointly announced the Net Zero Lighting Conference, created to aid the lighting industry in applying carbon-reduction strategies.
LightSPEC editor-in-chief Linda Becker explains the rebrand of Architectural SSL and its mission as a premier resource in the architectural lighting space.
Partnering with Canada’s Sollum, the Delphy Improvement Center will also mix and match different irrigation systems to find the optimal combination of light and water.
Lens and packaging design helps to reduce wasted light in large-scale, full-color displays.
SBaaS removes the challenges of managing intelligent in-building IT/OT systems. But at what cost?
Lighting is a powerful tool in creating atmospheres that keep customers coming back.