LEDs Magazine News & Insights - Jan 10th, 2024
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January 10, 2024

In our weekly News & Insights for Jan. 10, 2024, a Danish senior care home welcomes back its previously trialed circadian lighting after finding that conventional lighting resulted in more adverse experiences for staff and dementia patients. Also in this issue: Signify notes the impact of the fluorescent phase-out on its latest quarter, while SGH reports positive revenues tied to Cree LED in its quarterly financials.

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An experimental switch from Bauneparken's circadian-effective system to a conventional illumination scheme brought on more headaches, eyestrain, and agitation.
The run of “last buys” has ended, which will show in the results of the company’s smallest - but still sizeable - division when it reports later this month.
The declines had been shrinking. Now the company reports a gain. Meanwhile, the emphasis at parent firm SGH strengthens outside the lighting group, in AI and high-performance computing.
LED streetlights paired with controls technology save money and improve municipal services in Mesa and Chicago.
Lighting executive outlines a roadmap for industrial lighting innovation, with emphasis on environmental responsibility presenting opportunities for product and deployment advances.
On its plant research farm, the LED developer found that lettuce grown under its SunLike LED spectrum showed an increase in specific nutrients, compared to standard white LED light.
The program also provides incentives for a comprehensive suite of grants focused on capacity building, infrastructure upgrades, renewable energy adoption, and the use of sustainable construction methods
Dynamic LED lighting highlights the power station’s renaissance as a retail, residential and entertainment complex, complete with the new Battersea Roof Gardens.