LEDs Applications Digest - Jan 4th, 2024
Monthly digest on high-potential LED lighting applications including health and wellbeing, controlled environment agriculture, and connected systems
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January 4, 2024

Welcome to 2024 and the new LEDs Magazine Applications Digest! We have streamlined our individual monthly topic newsletters around horticultural, connectivity and controls, and health and wellbeing applications for lighting into one monthly distribution for your convenience. With the convergence of related technologies and emerging demands in these applications, we hope this distribution change best serves the information needs of our readers. Please be sure to update your subscription preferences for 2024 to continue receiving our newsletters.

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Although the largest players in the LED and SSL space showed the strain of global economic tides, many top stories underlined the industry’s move toward greater sustainability and healthier lighting strategies indoors and out.

LightSPEC West is a networking, education, and solutions platform for specifiers and buyers of commercial and residential lighting and controls. Showcasing a wide range of products and services vital to building designers, owners, and operators, the two-day expo includes networking events, product showcases, and CEC accredited educational sessions. 

The annual industry recognition program seeks to honor product releases from the past year that promote advances in LED-based lighting and accompanying component technologies across multiple applications.
Fluence notes that “FR” can trick fruits and vegetables into thinking they are in the shade and thus encourage them to stretch toward sunlight.
California Lighting Technology Center team studies the interactions of light, color, and human wellbeing for practical application.
Recent developments at Fagerhult and Signify, among others, help tell the full story, which now includes “circularity.”
With AI algorithms providing data analytics and, in turn, responsive lighting capabilities, growers can leverage smart technology to future-proof and optimize greenhouse operations.
The past few years have marked a dramatic shift in priorities for businesses operating within the industrial sector. Not only has employee safety become increasingly more important, but growing pressure to achieve sustainability goals have come to the forefront, bringing new decision-makers into the...
No matter how unique or cookie-cutter the building, every project has key drivers and tradeoffs the owner must contend with. Most project drivers are familiar to us: low install cost, low operating costs, space flexibility, and reliability, just to name a few.