LEDs Magazine News & Insights - Jan 3rd, 2024
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January 3, 2024

Our News & Insights got a little makeover for 2024! In this week's edition, you'll find a selection of content spotlighting an executive viewpoint on the controls business; a fresh take on how AI can fit into the lighting system; what energy and building trends will drive lighting activity; and more. Here's to a healthy business outlook and advances in the new year!

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In an interview, Casambi CEO Mark McClear sets expectations for both U.S. and expanded overseas operations to deliver on the benefits of wireless controls.
Inventronics' Landon Miles puts the potential value proposition of artificial intelligence into perspective.

LightSPEC West is a networking, education, and solutions platform for specifiers and buyers of commercial and residential lighting and controls. Showcasing a wide range of products and services vital to building designers, owners, and operators, the two-day expo includes networking events, product showcases, and CEC accredited educational sessions. 

Carrie Meadows provides a holistic view of economic and technology trends that will impact the lighting sector.
Although the largest players in the LED and SSL space showed the strain of global economic tides, many top stories underlined the industry’s move toward greater sustainability and healthier lighting strategies indoors and out.
California Lighting Technology Center team studies the interactions of light, color, and human wellbeing for practical application, reports Rebekah Mullaney.
Eoin Connolly and Rajul Randive of Crystal IS place UV-C LED wall plug efficiency into context alongside energy and microbial performance parameters for water applications.
Illuminating the committee rooms of the Canadian Parliament’s West Block required consideration for live broadcasting.
Historic preservation—including interiors and the materials that define them—is just as important as preserving structures. Facility managers can play a prominent role in preservation and contribute to the circular economy.