LEDs Focus On - Nov 30th, 2023
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November 30, 2023

Welcome to LEDs Magazine’s Focus On LEDs & Lighting newsletter for Nov. 30, 2023. I’m preparing a list and checking it twice of firms, non-profit organizations, and individuals to profile in the coming year. Industry associations, advocacy groups, and research programs are a little easier, since there are fewer of them to consider. For commercial operations such as design, consultancy, and manufacturing, I am looking for firms that would typically fall under the small- to mid-sized business description that we don’t follow closely in terms of financial reporting. Please send me a note if you have any recommendations. Keep in mind what’s unique or compelling about the organizational structure, business model, or approach to LED and lighting customer needs.

Featured in this month’s edition is one such organization in the non-profit category. Women in Lighting + Design (WILD) has grown its advocacy activities, industry presence, and chapter involvement over the past year or so. Recently, I had an opportunity to attend an online seminar, organized by WILD, on how to defuse and prevent harassment in the workplace, which is just one example of how the group works to provide support for women in the field and drive career development opportunities in a positive manner. The foundations of business success start with a respectful, productive, and engaging work environment where every role is valued and nurtured with professional resources.

Carrie Meadows, [email protected]

Women in Lighting + Design (WILD) works to create and foster a community for women within the lighting industry.
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