LEDs Magazine News & Insights - Nov 22nd, 2023
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November 22, 2023

Welcome to LEDs Magazine’s News & Insights for Nov. 22, 2023. Here it is, the mile marker on the rush to end of year Thanksgiving week in the U.S. I hope all who celebrate have a safe, healthy, and cozy holiday. I have plenty of gratitude to express this year, including to you our readers for your support and comments about news we’ve reported and features we’ve published this year.

We’ve included a section devoted to the most popular items we posted on LinkedIn this year, and it reveals that company financial updates and applications news still attract a good deal of attention. They do help us to get a read on larger forces and trends at play across the lighting industry.

Highlights in this week’s edition include an overview of company decisions to enter the electric vehicle (EV) charging market by writer Jenny Jones; an automotive push for ams Osram LEDs; and upcoming educational and speaking opportunities for the lighting community. We also rounded up key articles about the impacts of building and energy code on lighting.

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Lighting and controls companies are finding success with adding EV charging to their roadmaps. JENNY JONES reports on market entrant experiences and forecasts.
Automakers are designing in pixelated headlamps, interactive taillights, and colorful interior lighting.
LEDs Magazine rounds up online learning and event speaking opportunities addressing various future-forward lighting industry topics.
To increase net income, commercial property owners can leverage policy-backed financial incentives to decarbonize buildings, which will enable deeper retrofits including lighting for even greater energy and cost savings, writes CRAIG DILOUIE.
GINA GRIFFITHS RODDA explains the importance of defining energy-code compliance requirements for existing buildings, and how lighting audits can ensure that retrofit projects check every box.
CRAIG DILOUIE summarizes modifications in the 2019 90.1 energy reference standard that states will likely use for commercial energy code adoption, and compares alternatives to the standard.
CEO Rondolat hopes the new site in China helps make manufacturing and logistics more efficient in the troubled consumer division.
Aldo Kamper will also assume double duty as head of the Osram division, and even serve as interim corporate CFO.
Sweden’s Stena Line traverses northern Europe, where it is set to replace the mostly fluorescent lighting on up to 35 vessels with a possible 52,000 luminaires.
Autonomous BAS technologies can predict and adapt to consumption patterns, lowering electricity and heating/cooling draw to dramatically low levels—even in aging facilities.
The SPIRE 2.0 rating system will keep pace with evolving cybersecurity landscape, emerging connectivity technologies, and the rise of ESG initiatives.