LEDs Health and Wellbeing - Nov 20th, 2023
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November 20, 2023

Welcome to LEDs Magazine’s Lighting for Health & Wellbeing newsletter for Nov. 20, 2023. For those who are newer subscribers, and as a reminder to those who have been with us for a while, we know that there has been broader discussion in the lighting community about what healthy lighting is and how quality, spectral content, intensity, and timing of illumination impacts human health. But again, our framework for health and wellbeing is more than that. It also means employing lighting in a way that is healthier for the environment, designed and deployed more equitably, and in a way that is appropriate for the application in which it is being used.

In a recent issue, lighting advocate JP Bedell wrote about dark-sky concerns and what’s really behind them. He observed that in order to overcome modern society’s penchant for overlighting, we need a behavioral shift to illuminating spaces intentionally to align with the rhythm of normal activities, and in the process reducing wasted energy via stricter lighting control conditions, while embracing beneficial darkness as a healthy part of our daily lives.

We look forward to bringing you more content that demonstrates successful execution of such ideas in the coming months.

Carrie Meadows, [email protected]

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